The Best Pizza Sauce Ingredients

As you might imagine, pizza sauce is important to us in the pizza business. This is why at New York Slice Company we pay extra to get the best: Stanislaus.  Since we first tasted the Stanislaus tomato sauce in 2008 we realized that the added expense was easily justified. The quality of the ingredients that this family-owned company uses for their pizza sauce is very apparent in the flavor. All you get is a robust tomato taste. But once you read their website you understand that the quality comes from both their dedication to working hard with good intentions AND a complete understanding of the science behind preserving the best tomato flavor.

stanislausLogoStanislaus’ sauce is a “fresh pack” tomato sauce versus a “re-manufactured” sauce. Why is this important?  This is important because the Stanislaus sauce goes through far fewer processing steps. This preserves more of the original flavor of the tomato. Pizzerias preparing pizza sauce made from tomato concentrate or using a re-manufactured processes (developed to reduce the cost of processing tomato sauce) simply don’t taste as fresh or as good.

For us, it isn’t enough to say you have the best ingredients. You have to actually do it. This is why we use the Stanislaus line of pizza products.