Sarasota County Fair Starts

Website-CountyFair-AdThis Friday marks the beginning of the Sarasota County Fair.  With it comes days and night full of mild lights designed to sooth, twirling and whirling rides meant to calm the nerves, and delectable gourmet foods that echo the bistros of France…… not really. The fair is a raucous week of seizure inducing strobe lighting, nauseating rides, and food that will likely take decades to breakdown in the landfill…… and that’s why we go.

Seriously though, the fair is a fantastic place to spend a few hours with your honey or a day with the family playing games, watching people, hitting the crazy rides (or watching your friends do it) and eating a reasonable amount of food you probably shouldn’t eat.

Once you’re done with all the fun at the fairgrounds, be sure to save your wristband and bring it in to the New York Slice Company for some special offers.

With your 2015 Sarasota County Fair admission wristband you can select 1 of the following offers:

  • Buy 1 slice of pizza and get 1 for free.
  • Free 2 liter of soda with purchase of a 16″ pizza
  • $2 off any 16 inch pizza
  • $1 off any 12 inch pizza

So go to the fair, have fun, be safe, and when you are ready for a belly full of gourmet, hand tossed New York style pizza, bring your wristband and we’ll make you some food that feels good.


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